Small Groups

Some may think Ascend is a church with Small Groups. Instead, we like to say, 

“We are a church of  Small Groups.”

Small Groups are the backbone of our church. It is where the most concentrated and intentional discipleship takes place. Since “make disciples” is the command of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), we take seriously opportunities for each of us to move from where we are to where we need to be in Christ. After all, that is the point of discipleship: spurring one another to be more like Christ.

A broad-brush analysis of the New Testament reveals that ongoing discipleship most effectively takes place in small groups. Jesus ministered to the masses with His teaching, but chose a group of 12 for more intentional discipleship (and an even smaller group of 3 for more intensive discipleship!). The young New Testament church met in large groups and then spread out into smaller groups to disciple one another.


At Ascend, we follow this model…gathering weekly to worship corporately and be equipped in the Word and then spreading out during the week to disciple one another in Small Groups. Our Small Groups meet the first three weeks out of the month. Each meeting consists of study, fellowship, and mutual ministry through accountability.

We offer small groups that meet in homes on each night of the week and some even offer childcare. 

We want to help you connect with a small group that fits your schedule.

"Small groups are not a ministry we do, but a life we live.
We support and challenge each other to learn and live God's Word."
Chad McKinley
Director of Discipleship